Body Talk - Heather Morgan

Snooze you lose!

Sleep. Underrated and often overlooked when it comes to matters of our health. Good health is hard to achieve without good sleep, period. ... Continue

Nutrition myths 101

Greetings, Sonoma. Are you ready for some mind blowing information that will help you along your path to a healthier way of living?... Continue

Your healthy living plan for 2013

Welcome to 2013, Sonoma. How is it going so far? Three weeks in, and statistics show that 70 percent of all weight loss resolutions... Continue

Get smart, get healthy in 2013

Greetings of the season, Sonoma. I love seeing this great city of ours so festive and alive with the holiday spirit. We are blessed... Continue

GMO – friend or foe?

From our beloved Giants winning the world series to very energized local, state, and national elections, the spirit in this town never... Continue

Do you Crossfit?

Crossfit, the sport of fitness, has come to Sonoma and it’s all the rage. Based on high intensity, short duration workouts followed... Continue

The summer seven challenge

Greetings, Sonoma. It’s September, and one of the busiest months of the year for me as a nutrition coach. Kids are back to school... Continue

How well do you sleep?

Sleep. Those of you who follow my radio show and Facebook page will not be surprised to see me writing about the importance of sleep... Continue

Got stress?

Happy summer, Sonoma. Is it me, or is time flying by faster than ever these days? My summer calendar is already packed and we’re... Continue

Are you living a fat loss lifestyle?

Hello Sonoma. This week I am addressing the topic of weight loss. It is the topic I most frequently get asked about, so I thought I’d... Continue